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From 1999 until TODAY!

The love for specialty coffee was the catalyst for creating our company. It all began in 1999, in Patras. In 2009, with the empowerment of our team, we envisioned something completely fresh, innovative and original; creating a new experience of quality coffee takeaway. From 1999 until today, the magical journey into the world of coffee has been offering us unique surprises. Throughout all these years our goals, plans and strategy have changed, but our vision and values ​​remain unaltered. We Travel, Explore, Discover, Innovate, Evolve, Serve to Enjoy a Unique Experience. Our daily promise is:



Our MicroFarm Project®is about providing limited edition coffee from specific farms around the world. These are specialty coffees, 100% Arabica. The one who tries our Microfarm Project coffees, is getting familiar with the true essence of limited coffees: each has its own history and philosophy, different cultivation conditions, and is always important to the people behind its creation. Discover Microfarm's unique flavor profile and create your own specialty coffee at home.

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