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Colombia Organic (200g)

Colombia Organic (200g)

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100% specialty arabica single estate coffee. It is cultivated in Colombia by local microfarmers and its cup profile is citrus fruits, prune, caramel.

Region: Gaitania, Ataco, Tolima
Roasting: Medium-Dark

Body: 5/7
Acidity: 6/7
Aftertaste: 5/7
Sweetness: 6/7

With aromas of citrus, dried plum and caramel, the new Single Estate from Colombia comes to tell its own story.

The new Colombia Organic comes to our Coffee Roasters from the tiny town of Gaitania near the Tolima Volcano. Although 4,000 years have passed, the soil resulting from Tolima\'s last major eruption is still considered \"young soil\" full of beneficial and nutritious elements for growing coffee.

It is home to small coffee farms with 57 local small farmers adopting practices that ensure that this particular certified organic coffee is grown and processed 100% naturally without the use of genetically modified organisms and products. All of them dream of continuing to improve their coffee and create fair conditions for future coffee-growing generations.

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