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Colombia Dulima 200g

Colombia Dulima 200g

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100% specialty arabica single estate coffee. It is cultivated in Colombia by local microfarmers and its cup profile is hazelnut, milk chocolate, grapefruit, caramel.

Origin: Tolima, Colombia
Roasting: Medium-Dark

Body: 6/7
Acidity: 6/7
Aftertaste: 7/7
Sweetness: 6/7

Colombia Dulima comes from the Tolima region, which is the largest Paramo ecosystem on Earth. Paramo is known for its dramatic temperature fluctuations, from -18 celcius degrees at night to almost 32 celcius degrees during the day, described as summer every day and winter every night! These fluctuations create excellent conditions for growing coffee.

Specifically, the cultivation of our new Single Estate takes place around the volcano Dulima, which means Snow Queen. Dulima carries its own exceptional aromas of hazelnut, grapefruit, milk chocolate and caramel, while its omni-roast baking profile makes it suitable for espresso and filter beverages.

HEIGHT 1500-2000M
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