We believe in people. We respectfully offer high quality products and services to our consumers. At the same time, we reward those who work for the coffee we provide to the end consumer "From Bean To Cup", farmers, office and production workers, franchisees, baristi and distributors.

We are committed to coffee knowledge, innovation and excellence. We are real explorers and invest heavily in knowledge and innovation, as they are the driving forces behind our success. Thus, we are members of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and 3 executives of the company have acquired the SCA Coffee Diploma Award. Innovation does not exist as just a concept and promise in Coffee Island, but as the only way to return the love, appreciation and confidence to coffee lovers.

We believe in a fair way of doing business. This means that we believe in supporting Direct Trade, that is, establishing mutually beneficial relationships with producers at the best coffee farms in the world. We believe that every activity we develop contributes to the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the places where we import our coffee.