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Ethiopia Guji 200g

Ethiopia Guji 200g

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100% specialty arabica single estate coffee. It is cultivated in Guji of Ethiopia. Its cup profile is strawberry, lime and caramel!

A single estate coffee one grown in a specific geographical area and thus acquires special characteristics!

The Guji region is part of the Oromia area in Ethiopia. The area is at high altitude and has rich volcanic soil. The coffee production is made by small farmers in various small farms, which are situated at 1,850-2,000 meters above sea level. They have in-depth knowledge about cultivating and processing coffee that allows them to understand and control the quality of the grain from the farm to the glass. From this area come the most qualitative coffees of Ethiopia, as fertile soil and dense vegetation are two main characteristics of this area.

TIP: The Oromia belt was named after Oromo's largest race of Ethiopia. Oromo speaks their own dialect and their main occupation is agriculture and livestock farming.

1900 - 2300 M
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