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Expresso Master Blend 250g

Expresso Master Blend 250g

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100% specialty arabica espresso blend. Its origins are Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia, and its cup profile is citrus, chocolate and roasted nuts!


Packages contain 250 grams of coffee beans. When buying them, you should grind it on your own milling grinder, if you have one.

The espresso recipe is always determined by the device we use. So if we have an electric coffee maker with a shutter, we have to put so much coffee that when we push it, it reaches the line inside. Typically, this quantity is 8 to 12 grams (depending on whether we have single or double baskets). What we can adjust to these devices depending on the amount of beverage we produce. We estimate a double espresso that is about 50 to 60 grams (or a small cup of coffee). Using the the espresso pot, we put as much as we can in the baskets without pressing the coffee.

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