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Thick chocolate flavor and aromas, enhanced by milk chocolate with caramel notes combined with sea salt offer you an exciting Chocolate experience!!!!

Do you want to make a perfect hot drink at home? Here's how!

In 230g whole milk add 1.5 tbsp. powder, heat the mixture
stirring regularly and serving in your favorite mug.

Do you want a delicious cold chocolate? Read the recipe!

To 120g of whole milk add 2.5 tbsp. powder. Heat and stir until
to bind the mixture. Add 2-3 ice cubes and cool the mixture by shaking on a hand mixer. Serve in a tall glass with extra ice cubes.

For a frozen texture, in a blender add 120g whole milk, 2.5 tbsp. powder and 4-5 ice cubes. Shake for 20 '' and serve in a tall glass!

Choco preparation with Milk Frother!

1. The bottom of the container should be dry beforehand
use the device.
2. Adjust the socket to the socket before use. Press it
On-off button located on the container housing.
3. The inside of the container must be cleaned with one
cloth suitable for non-stick surfaces
4. Install the appropriate stirrer.
5. Press the button to start. It stops automatically.

For hot frothed milk or drinks, press the color button
bright ring is red.
For cold frothed milk, press the color button twice
bright ring is blue.

Tip: Use cold, fresh, whole or in part
skimmed milk.

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